Ask Your Child

Do you ever ask your child what they've been learning in school, only to get the answer, "Nothing!" or, "Can't remember!"?

There is so much going on during the school day that they probably don't know where to start. To help, we have introduced Ask Your Child. Each week, our year group teachers will suggest a question about the week's learning. It may help to get the conversation going.

Let us know if it helps.

Questions for the week beginning 24th May

What materials do you need to make a Bug Hotel?

Year 1
Can you name the four main directions of a compass?

Year 2
What time is it? (Ask at different times throughout the day)

Year 3
What can you remember from our 'Who were Britain's most Riotous Royals' topic?

Year 4
Name one thing the Romans have given us and explain why it is important.

Year 5
What small changes can you make to help the environment?

Year 6
Why are the shape of beaks different and how does this link to adaptation and evolution?

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